September 2021 Newsletter

Healing on the Inside

Donnie began experimenting with drugs at a young age and soon “picked up the glass”. Crack cocaine changed his life. Multiple drug treatment programs did not work, including his first two times at Place of Promise. Now, at Place of Promise for the third time, Donnie is experiencing God’s powerful, transforming love in his own life.

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August 2021 Newsletter

The Obstacle Course

Life for all us can seem like running an obstacle course.  For the Residents of Place of Promise, it is a really, really tough course.  Addictions, trauma, dysfunction, incarceration, homelessness — this is what they know.   Meet Eddie, who just came to Place of Promise after 42 years in prison, as he shares about his “obstacle course” and how Place of Promise is there to help him.

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July 2021 Newsletter

Summer Kids of Promise Off to a Great Start!

It’s such a fun time at Place of Promise! We just started our 6-week in-person summer Kids of Promise program and the joy and laughter of children fill the air! They are so excited to return and have invited their friends and family to come!

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June 2021 Newsletter

Growing Up at Place of Promise

An amazing story started 18 years ago when a young mother and her children, including a 5-month old baby girl, arrived at Place of Promise.  That little girl, now 18, shares her story.


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April 2021 Newsletter

“Slowly but surely, new birth happens, healing begins, their relationship with God grows, faith overpowers fear, and they begin to live new lives in Christ!”

The first few weeks at Place of Promise, residents are usually struggling with rationalization, justification, and minimization. But as trust gets stronger, so do the residents. Read about Cara’s first few weeks at Place of Promise!

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March 2021 Newsletter

“Go and do likewise!

Jesus commands us to “love your neighbor as yourself”, but how is that done? For 27 years, together, we have been putting that love into action, going and doing likewise!

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Love Your Neighbor

Beth was recently asked, “What does it mean to love your neighbor?” Using the Parable of the Good Samaritan as well as her own experience living in the inner-city of Boston and responding to God’s call to establish Place of Promise, Beth shares her thoughts on Loving God and Loving Your Neighbor.


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