What We Do


Physically, Emotionally, Relationally, and Spiritually

Place of Promise provides Christ-centered programming for men, women, and children to experience physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual healing.  At Place of Promise, a life can be transformed, leaving behind death and despair while beginning a new life of hope and potential.

Individuals come to Place of Promise with a long history of homelessness, incarceration, neglected medical conditions, mental disorders, abuse, trauma, and alcohol and opioid drug addictions. Referrals are received from social services agencies, drug and alcohol treatment centers, health care facilities, courts, prisons, families, and churches. Our only criterion for entry is a genuine desire for a new life.

Adult Residential Program

The core of our ministry is a residential addiction recovery program for adults. Place of Promise operates four long-term residential homes in Lowell, Massachusetts, and has served over 1,400 individuals from over 47 different countries and half of the United States.

Level I Homes
Provides a safe Christian living community that focuses on knowing God and entering into a growing relationship with Him. Combined with clinical support for medical and mental care and instruction in life skills such as repentance, confession, receiving forgiveness, setting healthy boundaries, and relapse prevention, Residents are prepared to lead new lives empowered by God and free from addictions.

Level II Homes
Level I programming continues and, as the next step in recovery, return to school or enroll in job training to prepare for employment.

Men Level I

Women Level I

Men Level II

Women Level II

Who We’re Serving

  • Female

  • Male

  • Caucasian

  • African American

  • Hispanic

  • Urban

  • Suburban

  • Rural

Alcohol Abuse: 67%
Age at Start: 12

Drug Abuse: 83%
Age at Start: 15

Opioid Abuse: 84%
Age at Start: 18

Never Active in Church: 85%

Kids of Promise

Starting as a ministry to children of the Residents, Place of Promise now provides ministry programs to the children of Lowell. Children often come from broken, poverty-stricken homes, having at least one parent in prison, addicted to drugs, or absent from their lives.

We offer a summer day program and recently introduced a weekly after-school program for elementary school children and a Saturday night program for middle and high school.

The Summer Program is open each day and invites elementary and middle school aged children to spend time with other neighborhood children singing, playing, doing crafts, swimming, taking field trips and learning about Jesus and his power to heal the brokeness and hurt in our hearts, families, friends and communities.

Children involved in Kids of Promise are encouraged and empowered to find that the challenges they have little control over in their communities and home are not unique to themselves and are not beyond hope.

Training & Internships

Place of Promise offers training for effective ministering to those in recovery and building a new life. Internships, in conjunction with three colleges and universities, are also available.

Courses are offered throughout the year at Place of Promise in Lowell.  For groups of 6 or more, the courses can be scheduled and delivered at your location.  We will soon be expanding course offerings on-line.

Spiritual Mentoring

Instructor: Elizabeth Kidd, RN, Founder of Place of Promise
Duration: 16 Hours

This course prepares the participant to come alongside the severely multiply injured person who is seeking new life in Christ. The mentor learns how to build a positive, trusting relationship with their mentee who then learns to have a personal relationship with God as their higher power. The mentor also learns how to help the mentee heal, grow, and ultimately be able to mentor someone else who’s lost and broken.

Grounded in scripture and illustrated with real-life experiences from over forty years of direct ministry, this training is based on three important concepts: knowing God, knowing yourself, and knowing your neighbor. In addition to the basics of mentoring, this course will examine the stages of human development and the impact of addiction, the twelve-step process and underlying scripture, the behaviors and thinking of the addicted and recovering addicts, and a stepped set of recommended activities.

To listen to the audio recordings of the Spiritual Mentoring class please click on the links below:

Spiritual Mentoring Part 1
Spiritual Mentoring Part 2
Spiritual Mentoring Part 3

Spiritual Mentoring Part 4
Spiritual Mentoring Part 5

Spiritual Mentoring Part 6
Spiritual Mentoring Part 7

Spiritual Mentoring Part 8

Systems Advocacy

Instructor: Elizabeth Kidd, RN, Founder of Place of Promise
Duration: 4 Hours

The social, legal, and health care systems are complex, confusing, and, at times, dehumanizing. Often, a multiply injured person has to deal with a dozen or more providers of health care, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, social and financial services, housing, correctional services, and job training. This can be completely overwhelming to the one in need of all these services. The Systems Advocate is trained to help that person navigate through and make use of all the services needed for optimal healing and growth to occur.